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Blake Neely and the Music of Masters of the Air

May 18 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Blake Neely will be joining us in person at First Baptist Church in Glendale on May 18th to talk about his majestic score to Masters of the Air, the latest epic WWII mini-series produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg following the legendary Band of Brothers and The Pacific. The show focuses on the US Army Air Corps 100th Bomb Group, fighting in the European Theater and suffering devastating losses while they carried out their missions. 

Blake’s score provides a beautiful and haunting accompaniment to this cinematic series, balancing soaring exhilaration with tension and solemness. He will discuss the challenges of writing and recording hours of score in a short amount of time, and walking in the footsteps of previous collaborators Michael Kamen, who composed the iconic score to Band of Brothers, and Hans Zimmer, who co-composed The Pacific.

Masters of the Air is available to stream on Apple TV+! Stream it prior to our event and come with plenty of questions.

Tickets – $30 Everyone is welcome to attend this event! ASA members will receive a discount. Sign in to your account to see your discount codes below.

Ticket price includes morning coffee and pastries, as well as lunch after the event! There is limited street parking and plenty of paid parking lots around the venue.