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Haim Mazar and the Wonderful World of Disney

Debussy’s La Mer (Episode 8)

John Williams’s Jurassic Park

Bernard Herrmann’s North by Northwest

Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock: The Composer-Director Relationship

Kris Bowers and the Music of Green Book

Debussy’s La Mer (Episode 7)

Inon Zur and the Sound of the Fallout Games

Ravel Challenge 2019 with Thomas Goss

Debussy’s La Mer (Episode 6)

Austin Wintory and the Music for Banner Saga

Scoring Under Dialogue with Alan Derian

Debussy’s La Mer (Episode 5)

Jeff Babko

Linear Harmony and Black Bottom Stomp

Debussy’s La Mer (Episode 4)

Drummer Bernie Dresel

Arranging for Bern Bern Bern

Jerry Goldsmith’s Planet of the Apes

Nathan Barr and the FOX Studio Organ

Debussy’s La Mer (Episode 3)

Christopher Willis and The Death of Stalin

Debussy’s La Mer (Episode 2)

NYFA Composer/Filmmaker Panel

Drummer Paul Peress

Birth of the Cool

Debussy’s La Mer (Episode 1)

Italian Composer Carlo Siliotto

Joe Kraemer and the Music of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Resphigi’s Pines of Rome

Mervyn Warren

Black, Brown, and Beige: Bitches and Brews

Composer’s Intent

Grant Geissman

Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky Cantata

Tim Davies

Leonard Bernstein’s Candide Overture

Michael Abels and the Music of Get Out

Ron Jones: 21 Reasons Composers Shouldn’t Be in the Hamburger Business

Carl Rydlund

Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker

Chris Boardman: A Lifetime of Change

Holst Planets: Neptune

Scoring the Battle: The Music of Halo Wars 2

Gordy Haab and the Music of Star Wars Battlefront

Holst Planets: Uranus

Penka Kouneva

Bernard Herrmann and the Psychological Narrative of His Film Scores

Meter and Time in Jazz Composition

Tim Davies and His Big Band Arranging

Ravel Challenge 2017 with Thomas Goss

Thomas Goss

Siddhartha Khosla and the Music of This Is Us

Holst Planets: Jupiter

Del Casher

Holst Planets: Mercury

Music in Advertising with Elizabeth Myers

Sharon Farber

Holst Planets: Venus

The Clothed Woman

Brent Fischer

Holst Planets: Mars

Form and Harmonic Motion, Hello and Goodbye

Scoring Games with Jason Graves

Garry Schyman and the Music of Bioshock

John Altman and Goldeneye’s Tank Chase Scene

Erich Korngold and The Adventures of Robin Hood

Edwin Wendler

Thad, Duke, and Some College Chords

Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain

Russell Steinberg

Maids of Cadiz, Sammy Nestico, and Thad Jones

John Williams’s Catch Me If You Can

The Session Life with Dan Higgins and Don Williams

John Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Neal Desby

Such Sweet Thunder

Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances Score Study: America

Lyndon Johnston Taylor

Bernstein Symphonic Dances Score Study: Rumble

London Meets Hollywood

The Music Of Bond: Secrets of the John Barry Scores

Bernstein Symphonic Dances Score Study: Cool

Earle Dumler

Drunk History: Meet the Creators

Ko Ko, Duke’s Jungle Period, and Moten Swing

Bernstein Symphonic Dances Score Study: Maria

Richard Niles

Bernstein Symphonic Dances Score Study: Mambo

Adrienne Albert

Bernstein Symphonic Dances Score Study: Scherzo

Gene “Cip” Cipriano

Concerto for Cootie and Blues for Pablo

Bernstein Symphonic Dances Score Study: Prologue

Alex Rannie: Creating Disney in Concert

Mike Lang

Appalachian Spring

Star Wars Score Study

The Simpsons: A Panel Discussion

Star Wars Score Study