Dorico 2

Steinberg’s Dorico: A Look at Music Notation in 2020 and Beyond

Featuring: John Barron

Presenting an insider’s look at Steinberg’s Dorico notation program, led by product specialist John Barron. John leads us through the latest innovations in music engraving, shows some of Dorico’s strengths, and helps composers with transition questions from other notation programs and DAW’s. Many of us begin the composition process in sequencers so he talks about how effectively you can use Dorico to translate sequenced MIDI data into a professionally engraved and readable score.

The ASA uses Dorico for the preparation and presentation of our score study series, and we’re pleased to offer an exclusive discount for our Orchestra and Philharmonic members who wish to purchase either Dorico or Cubase. See the Harmony Partners page for more details.

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