Composer to Conductor

Featuring: Conrad Pope, Angel Velez, and Emelie Bernstein

Join Conrad Pope, Angel Velez, and Emelie Bernstein as they dive into the world of conducting and bringing your music to life with live musicians. Bring your baton and join us for this event as we cover some fundamentals of conducting, give an intro to conducting live-to-picture, discuss the relationship of composer to conductor, and discuss how and why body awareness and movement matters to composers and conductors.

This event is a prelude to the Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive, which will be held November 20-21, 2021 and January 12-15, 2022. Hosted online and in-person on the campuses of Capitol Studios and Fox Studios, this LAFCI course is a six-day workshop addressing the demands of the modern media composer, focusing on the key elements of composition and baton technique, in addition to body movement, orchestration, working with click track, punches and streamers, score and part preparation, variable clicks, film music history, and more. Not only will fellows have the opportunity to study and conduct great repertoire but each chosen fellow will prepare their own cue to conduct and record with the 45-piece Hollywood Studio Symphony on the final day. For those unable to attend in-person, an online option is being made available with a faculty member recording your cue.


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