Joe Hisaishi

Joe Hisaishi’s Howl’s Moving Castle Part 1

Featuring: Aleph Cervo, David Das, and Chad Cannon

In the first of a two-part series, the ASA takes a look at the much beloved score by Joe Hisaishi to Howl’s Moving Castle. The conversation is led by Aleph Cervo and David Das of the ASA, along with Chad Cannon who has orchestrated for Hisaishi.

There were significant technical difficulties with this first part, which was held as a live event in North Hollywood, CA. We have done our best to work around the limitations of the venue and the audio/video capture to create a video that contains most of the valuable content from this event.

The second study of this score was held on Zoom, and it’s available on our site here.


No highlights of this event are available.

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