Orchestration Challenge 2023

Featuring: Thomas Goss

Thomas Goss from Orchestration Online joins us to host our 2023 Orchestration Challenge. Ten scores from ASA members were selected for playback by our nine-member chamber ensemble, and were critiqued by Thomas Goss.

The ten composers selected, along with their starting timestamps in the video of the event, are: George C. Ramirez (5:45), Shardad Rohani (23:00), Nicoletta Nomicou (35:44), Link Harnsberger (50:53), Dallas Crane (1:03:40), Ahzi Kharmona (1:20:19), Sean-Paul Gouw (1:35:48), Ebenezer Eferobor (1:47:45), Brett Purcell (2:00:31), and Aleph Cervo (2:11:28).

The ensemble was comprised of: flute, clarinet, French horn, harp, two violins, viola, cello, and double bass. The run-throughs were conducted by ASA Vice President Reuven Herman. Musicians were provided by Hollywood Scoring and Noah Gladstone per AFM Local 47.


No video excerpts of this event are available.

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