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Steve Barden is a composer and a software developer. As a composer he specializes in writing orchestral dramedy cues for reality television. As a software developer Steve writes mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad. Steve is currently developing apps that take advantage of his background and passion for music composition, film scoring, and recording. In addition to several new apps in development, Steve has released the following apps:

  • Tempo Delay Calc – A simple tool for use in the recording studio to calculate digital delay times. Perfectly synchronize the tempo of your music to the delay effect.
  • ClickBook – A digital version of the Knudsen Click Book. Look up specific tempos or browse through a series of tempos to find exactly where a beat lands. Save favorite tempos for easy comparison.
  • Film Scoring Tempo Finder – Find the perfect tempo for your film cue. Enter cue sheet timing notes from the spotting session and search a selected range of tempos to find the optimal tempo. Print the score and export a midi file for mapping in your sequencer.


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