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The Dewey Decibel System: Music Libraries

Featuring: David Joseph Wesley, Luke Rowland, and Ron Jones

Love it, hate it, or tolerate it, music libraries are a huge and vital part of today’s entertainment industry. Providing the scores for the biggest blockbuster trailers, or the background music for the most annoying un-skippable web ads, music libraries are thriving and here to stay. There is also a wealth of talented and hard working people in the library business and opportunities for creative growth and passive income. Join us for this INFOrum where we discuss the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of the library world.


David Joseph Wesley (Moderator) – David is a Los Angeles based composer who’s written scores for numerous films, TV series, and video games. He is also an orchestrator for Fox’s “Family Guy.” In addition, David has carved a path in the music library world and has had his music heard in major movie trailers and national ad campaigns.

Luke Rowland (President, Music Beyond) – Luke is an experienced and talented music supervisor with numerous credits from the biggest movie trailers to network shows and national ad campaigns. Luke was Senior VP at Extreme Music for several years before moving on to Music Beyond where he’s been for the past 6 years.


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