Wizard of Cuts: The Art of the Edit

Featuring: Matt Gossin, Dave Edison, and Aeolan Kelly

Digital editing brings every element of a movie, TV show, or cut-scene to one person: the editor. What do editors do?

Join a fast moving discussion on state-of-the-art storytelling with Matt Gossin (The Tonight Show), Dave Edison (Space Command) and editor-director Aeolan Kelly from Marvel, plus special guests! The panel has worked with talents as diverse as Jay Leno, George Clooney, Ozzy Osbourne, Doug Jones, Nolan North, Kevin Feige, various studios, and indie producers, and covered every genre from reality shows to trailers to animation to VFX to music videos. Learn about filmmaking from people who work with the director every day for months and rewrite the story, shape performances, place music, creating scenes that were never shot.


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