New to the Library: Chris Boardman and Neptune from the Holst Planets

As we work to expand our online Library, we are pleased to announce the addition of videos from our November 11, 2017 LA Ravel study. The first portion of the study was a talk by Chris Boardman who spoke about A Lifetime of Change as he told stories and gave advice from many decades of working in the music and film industry. The second portion of the study was our final session on The Planets by Gustav Holst, in which ASA President David Das and Vice-President Reuven Herman led us through the score of Neptune, the Mystic. We invite you to check out details on both.

The Academy of Scoring Arts is working to bring more content from its past sessions online, and the Library is growing regularly. We are also looking forward to launching our online membership, which will give members the chance to watch full-length videos from each of these studies.